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As part of VBF’s brand new LIFE WITH A VASCULAR BIRTHMARK series, this original piece, “Warriors,” is presented by VBF Global Ambassador Sarah Woodhouse. Sarah wrote this poem for anyone living with a vascular birthmark, especially children and teens who may struggle to find acceptance. We are so grateful to Sarah for sharing her life with a vascular birthmark with us.



It's not easy being as strong
as we have to be.
To hold our heads high
ignoring ignorance,
hoping to find diversity.

You have fought more battles than
a warrior.
Everyday you put on your armour
preparing to face a sometimes cruel world.
Some days are easier
than others.

Some of us hide
Some of us cover up
Some of us erase
Some of us stay true
no matter our style of fighting
we are all warriors.

You must believe
that you were brought here
to fight this battle.
To bring awareness.
There is a reason
A purpose.

Even when it's hard.
Even when it hurts.
You must find
your inner strength.
Find beauty in your flaws
and power in your voice.

Remember you're not only fighting 
this battle for yourself
but for others
who may one day follow in your footsteps.

You are brave
You are beautiful
It won't always be easy
but I will always be here for you.
I believe in you my little warrior.
Remember you are never alone in this fight.

- Sarah Woodhouse

About the Author

Sarah Woodhouse, VBF Global Ambassador

Sarah is a VBF Global Ambassador with plans to publish a short collection of poems aimed to help build confidence in children and adolescence with a vascular birthmark. She believes that building confidence early will help lead to more confident and successful adults.

Read more about Sarah on her VBF Global Ambassador profile.

You can also follow her on Facebook at PWSsuperstars.

About the VBF “Life with a Vascular Birthmark” Series

Check back for more original pieces from our VBF Global Ambassadors and other awareness leaders about life with a vascular birthmark all year long. Our goal is to share real stories from those living with vascular birthmarks and their loved ones as part of Dr. Linda’s 2019 focus on the psychosocial aspects of life with a vascular birthmark.